PPC, Display, Social and Content

Search Marketing

Increase your visibility for targeted searches. Receive instant results.

Display Advertising

Advertise on websites that can drive traffic to your website.

Product Advertising

Drive customers to your online store with shopping campaigns and product ads.


Reconnect with previous visitors who did not convert. Reengage and convert for a higher ROI.

Paid Social

Connect with new customers within social networks. Drive awareness and engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We will increase the rate of sales to customers, resulting in increased ROI.

Search Ads   

We are PPC experts with a primary goal of increasing leads and developing your website conversion ratios. Our qualified search marketing engineers provide analytical and strategic input, creating highly tailored search engine marketing campaigns - creating increased online traffic.

Ad Seen create new opportunities and reach customers within segments that you have not reached. We deploy engaging ad copy, targeted keywords and engaging landing pages, guaranteeing a high quality score. A high quality score helps to reduce your Google costs.

Our coverage includes all advertising networks i.e. Google , Bing , Yahoo and YouTube .

Display Ads   

Orchestrating Display ads and PPC ads into a combined communication strategy provides synergy and extended brand reach. Display ads act as rich source of information via engaging and informative visual content including text, image, interactive and video ads. The increased benefit of Display ads is that you reach audiences on the internet who are not participating in search activities, i.e. audiences see your messages on other websites and portals.

Product Ads   

Shopping Ads (Product Listing Ads) offer a more engaging user experience while making it easy for you to promote your entire product line via searches.

Google automatically shows relevant products along with the associated image, price and product name when users search within Google shopping. This enables you to reach consumers who are only searching for your related products, creating a positive ROI.

Ad Seen will manage your shopping data feed. We will optimise and build custom strategies for your product ads, giving you a competitve advantage.

Remarketing Strategy   

Remarketing is an influential way to stay engaged with your target audience. It reconnects with lost traffic i.e. customers who have abandoned an order, or who have engaged but not yet converted, and reinforces your brand making sure it is at the front of their mind when they’re ready to buy.

We can achieve higher conversions by combining other targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics or keyword campaigns to engage and influence at different stages during the buying cycle.

Paid Social   

Your target audiences are spending increasing amounts of time on social networks. It makes sense to embrace this opportunity by reaching potential custoners with paid social advertsing.

Paid social can be used to drive online sales, increase local sales and raise brand awareness. It is a highly effective way of finding new customers and building lasting relationships with your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation   

Let us improve the sales performance across your websites by improving the conversion rate of visiting customers. We will analyse your website and its visitation metrics to implement changes that increase the ratio of site visitors to customers.